UPVC Door Locks

If UPVC door locks no longer work properly or have visible signs of damage, repair is required straight away. When the damage is extensive, the device is replaced with a new one.

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Problems with UPVC door locks can compromise the level of security of the entire building. That is why they should not be ignored. Timely solution is crucial.

UPVC Door Locks in United Kingdom

Lock Repairs

The key does not get in or cannot be turned at all. In this case, the issue is most likely with the cylinder. It is fixed or replaced depending on how bad the damage is. When it is difficult to both lock and unlock, the problem could be either with the cylinder or with the key. The malfunctioning component should be repaired or changed. When the bolt, hook or roller cannot extend and go into the strike receiver, this is usually due to an issue with the locking mechanism. The repair can include only cleaning or lubrication, but it is also possible that the lock may have to be changed.

Lock Installation

When the damage is too great to be fixed or the lock has become outdated, a new one is installed in its place. In general, even if you have a well operating device, it is best to change locks every five years. This is importance since even the most advanced technology eventually becomes more vulnerable to attacks. When you select a new lockset, it is best to opt for a device which is highly resistant to all opening techniques from snapping to picking.

Broken UPVC door

In case of breaking, the level of damage is assessed first. If there is a single broken component such as the strike receiver or one of the frame sections, it is replaced so that the whole system can work normally again. If the damage is extensive, a new door is installed. This presents an opportunity to the property owner to opt for a unit with better properties.

If you have a malfunctioning lock, count on us to fix it. We are constantly available to replace devices which no longer work properly as well. The professionals of  Locksmith London specialise in door repair too. Let us know what the problem is by calling us or sending a message and you will receive effective resolution in no time.

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